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Coming July 2010
...murder is my day job....
"Lisa Black wows us with another tense and
unputdownable thriller. She is, quite
simply, one of the best storytellers around."
-- Tess Gerritsen
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in September, 2010:
During the Great Depression, the city of Cleveland
was terrorized by more than the world's turmoil: a
madman, who murdered by night and left his
handiwork to be discovered in the first glare of day.
He was America's version of Jack the Ripper, but
more prolific. He was bloody. He was unknown. He
was never caught.

These are facts.

Trail of Blood begins where history leaves off...
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the 2010 International
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KIRKUS likes Trail of Blood:

Black ... has a strong heroine in MacLean.
There’s a dash of romance thrown in, but the
real action is in the field, as MacLean and her
cousin look into crimes decades apart. The
present-day narration is cut by the 1935–'36
saga of detective James Miller. At times, his
simpler story, colored by rich history and
period police work, threatens to take over. But
the two work well together as police procedures
past and present match up to reveal the truth
behind the horrors haunting Cleveland.

A smart step-by-step thriller.