Forensic Scientist Theresa MacLean is investigating an early-morning murder when she gets word that her
fiancé has been taken hostage with seven others in a bank robbery at Cleveland's Federal Reserve. The city's
best negotiator, high-profile Chris Cavanaugh, hasn't lost a victim yet, but Theresa wonders if he might be
too arrogant to save the day this time around. Once she gets inside the bank, Theresa must use all her
smarts, experience, and forensic skills to get control of the crisis.
"...a tautly plotted, relentlessly suspenseful debut. Let’s hope she
writes another scorcher-and soon." -- Booklist (starred review)

Ridley Pearson, author of bestselling crime novels and the Lou Boldt series: "Prepare to be
taken hostage. Lisa Black tells a compelling story of intrigue, tested relationships, and
false leads that gain momentum like a bag of marbles spilled at the top of the stairs.
There's no way all those marbles can come back together at the end, and yet, in Black's
skillful hands you're in for a surprise. TAKEOVER is captivating. Part procedural, part
psychological suspense, and every inch a thriller, TAKEOVER succeeds from the opening
chapter. Lisa Black is a gifted storyteller--she excels at bait-and-switch, leaving the reader
frantically turning pages. TAKEOVER takes place in the Federal Reserve, but there's
nothing reserved in Lisa Black's charged narrative. Pick up this book, and prepare to
invest an entire evening. It's that good."
Peter Abrahams, author of The Fan and The Tutor: "TAKEOVER is a riveting
hostage drama packed with surprises. Once Lisa Black gets you inside the bank,
you - like the bad guys - won't be able to stop."
Dr. Bill Bass, forensic anthropologist at the University of Tennessee and co-author of bestselling
thrillers under the name Jefferson Bass. "... it is obvious that Lisa Black is a professional and knows
what she is writing about. An exciting story that is hard to put down. TAKEOVER goes into detail on how
a hostage negotiation is conducted and on the many problems that can occur when the established rules
are not followed. Interesting and educational."
William Morrow
ISBN 978-0-06-169465-3
August 5, 2008
Takeover is a thriller of the first order, a pulse-racing adventure that grabs you in the first chapter and
has you sweating until the very end. Each time you catch your breath, Black adds a plot twist that that
takes you down another devilishly clever path. - Mystery Scene
"Lisa Black heightens the suspense and breathes new life into the classic hostage thriller...." - South Florida Sun-Sentinel