In this sequel to Takeover, Black paints a believable portrait of a professional woman struggling to move
on with her life. Cleveland forensic scientist Theresa MacLean has been in a fog since the bank robbery
eight months earlier, but her latest case needs all the concentration she can muster. When 24-year-old
Jillian Perry, a former escort, turns up dead in the woods, Theresa doubts the police theory that Jillian
committed suicide. Jillian was the devoted mother of a five-month-old, and her husband of three weeks,
who wasn't the child's father, was on the verge of making big bucks with the innovative video game he
and a partner had developed. As Theresa re-examines the evidence, a man claiming to be Jillian's
boyfriend wants to claim her body and petitions for custody of her baby. Was he a boyfriend or a
stalker? This fast-paced thriller features a lot of detailed forensics with a rip-roaring ending. (Sept.)

KIRKUS: Black (Takeover, 2008), a former forensic scientist, knows her stuff and
briskly leads readers along the trail of clues right behind her likeable, no-nonsense
heroine. Smart science propels this intelligent, well-thought-out crime thriller.
LIBRARY JOURNAL: In this second novel in a new series (after Takeover), Black weaves a highly
entertaining if somewhat improbable tale of drama and suspense. Fans of forensic thrillers will look forward
to seeing more of her witty and likable heroine.
William Morrow
ISBN 978-0-06-154448-4
September 8, 2009
"Lisa Black wows us with another tense and unputdownable thriller. She is,
quite simply, one of the best storytellers around."

-- Tess Gerritsen

Booklist: Black has a compelling protagonist in Theresa MacLean...
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